The classic shin guards come with the following products:

  • MySkinna box
  • MySkinna Sleeves with anti-slip edge
  • MySkinna Travel bag

Fashion model: Classic
Material: Fiber Glass
Sizes: XS = 12cm, S = 14cm, M = 16cm, L = 18cm


Want to buy customized classic shin guards?

Shin guards are available in all sorts and sizes, but did you know that you can also design your shin guards by yourself? You are no longer limited by simple standard designs on the market. You can now customize your shin guards 100% yourself with a customized design.

Choose the images you want. Add texts to show who you are! Need help making your perfect design? Send us an e-mail at and we will help you with your design. This way MySkinna can ensure you of a unique product!

What are the benefits of the classic shin guards?

The classic shin guards are the most commonly used shin guards on football fields. The DreamChaser shin guard is made of unbreakable material, namely fiberglass ! The fiberglass material provides ultra strong protection for the shins. The choice for fiberglass was made because of the haste weightless feels.

Unlike the flex shin guard, the classic shin guard consists of one part and not, like the flex, three separate parts.

Want to learn more about MySkinna’s custom shin guards?

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Weight 0.5 kg

S (14 cm), M (16 cm), L (18 cm)


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